Technical Committee

Chairman:           Mr. Ian Crossley (UK)

Vice Chair:               Prof. Pascal Guiraud (France FRA)


Mr. Tony Amato (UK)                                                      

Prof. Ligia Barna (France FRA)

Dr. William Becker (USA)

Mr. Simon Breese (Canada CAN)

Mr. Jan Dahlquist (Sweden SWE)

Prof. James Edzwald (USA)

Prof. Jun Ma (Peoples Republic of China CHN)

Prof. Mooyoung Han (Republic of Korea KOR)


Organization committee

Prof. Pascal Guiraud (France FRA)     

Mr. Ian Crossley (UK)              

Prof. Roger Ben Aim (France FRA)    

Christelle Labruyère (France FRA)   

Patricia Jarry (France FRA)                 


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